About Modern History Man

I did my history degree nearly 25 years ago, but it is only more recently that I have spent more time thinking about history and revisiting ideas and thinking that saw me through my teenage years and early twenties. Times obviously change and the world seems a more complex place to me in 2021. I’m much more interested now in social and economic (including family) history than I was before – I’m more understanding that perhaps I was as a student of historical context, and history of minority groups and their role in past events. So in some sense I’m re-educating myself and learning again, hopefully with an open mind, to understand the modern world that seems so tumultuous and uncertain.

What I blog may not follow a natural order, and I’m hoping my views will change and evolve with challenge and debate. I am also hoping that as I gather thoughts, I may yet get inspired to write a book or two, but that is further down the line! But if nothing else, this blog is going to be an archive for my thoughts that you or may not agree with.

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