BBC2’s Documentary yesterday evening on how The Holocaust began was a chilling watch. Historian James Bulgin, who created the Holocaust Galleries at the Imperial War Museum, investigated a story left unexplored for over 80 years. During the Second World War, before the creation of the death camps and gas chambers, millions of men, women andContinue reading “Collaborators”


I’ve written before about some of the myths that perpetuate in modern British history that continue to resonate today, sometimes with current political salience. This piece on the spirit of The Blitz was an example. There is also cultural nostalgia that provide people with comfort blankets. The past and its claimed trappings often make usContinue reading “Mythology”


Should we actually be surprised that Russia under President Putin invaded Ukraine? It seems to have come as a surprise to some, but I think, arguably, it shouldn’t have been. What might history tell us? Putin, I think, views the world purely through what is in the Russian interest and that interest is as muchContinue reading “Geopolitik”